Yamaha Makes New Underwater Sea Scooter

This season is turning out to be a pretty exciting one for Yamaha in terms of announcements and product releases. We just got wind that Yamaha Motor Corporation is scheduled to release an underwater Sea Scooter line called Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPV). This line of products will consist of a professional series as well as a recreational series of DPV’s.

Yamaha Parts and Accessories collaborated with Sport Dimension Inc, a leading consumer products manufacturer and distributor to bring these new fun Sea Scooters to life. The new dive vehicles are incredibly fun recreational water products used by families, resort guests, and professional divers alike.

The Yamaha Sea Scooter is a high performance, portable, and easy-handling dive propulsion vehicle. It features proprietary battery technology for prolonged use, is lightweight, easy to carry, and is able to be used in fresh or salt water.

We imagine that some readers will even stow one of these cool little gadgets in their watercraft storage compartment which would allow them to explore some remote dive locations. Interestingly, these Sea Scooters are color matched to Yamaha’s industry leading Waverunners.

The professional dive series consists of four separate models, each with different depth, speed, run time, and other capabilities. The recreational dive series lets you choose from three different models. In addition, there is a recreational explorer series starting at $249.99. All models come with mounts to attach your GoPro or other action camera with similar mounting systems.

All models will become available for purchase September 20, 2017. You can check out these Sea Scooters here to get more information on each product or to make your order.

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Brice Leckrone

Brice Leckrone

Brice is a Mechanical Engineer for 33% of the day and a PWC enthusiast for 100% of the day. When he is not at work or at the farmhouse with his wife and countless animals, he likes to be on the water. Having evolved from motorcycles and race cars that go way too fast for a married man, he now likes to ride watercraft that go way too fast for a married man.

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