KSpeed Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Ride Plate Available for Pre-Order

Brisbane Kawasaki is now accepting pre-orders for their new Kspeed Kawasaki Ultra 300 and 310 Ride Plate! The ride plate is currently in production and will be released at the beginning of June. Now is the time to pre-order. The Ultra ride plate will bring you the ultimate control and improved speed when you’re throwing down on the water. Kspeed is fast becoming an industry leader when it comes to delivering performance parts for all your PWC racing needs. Their quality parts are competitively priced as well so check them out when you’re in the market for PWC modifications. The Ultra ride plate retails for $520 AUD ($400 USD).

Kspeed states that the Kawasaki Ultra ride plate will make your ski faster in all conditions and you will notice significant top speed gains in flat water. That’s especially important when coming off the line during a race. When in rough water, a lot less bouncing will occur as the Kspeed Ride Plate will ensure that your ski will be less likely to porpoise and the plate will get you on plane quicker. The Kspeed ride plate is designed to provide the rider with increased stability while racing at high speeds whether it’s going the distance in an endurance event or on a closed course weaving around the buoys.

Kspeed’s own Jamie Eade told The Watercraft Journal about riding an Ultra 310X with the new plate, “It’s faster than what’s out there at the moment and more versatile in varying conditions. It will do a consistent 74mph in rollers and the ski really doesn’t leave the water. (It messes with your head as you expect to get airborne and you just don’t.)” Head over to the Brisbane Kawasaki website to pre-order your Kspeed Ultra 300/310 Ride Plate. It retails for $520 in AUD and $402 in USD. You can’t yet see the ride plate, as the guys are keeping it under wraps, so we’re anticipating something great!

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