New Patent Suggests Yamaha is Planning a Personal Hydrofoil

An article from lets us in on some cool information about a possible Yamaha personal hydrofoil. Sounds cool and we just had to share the news.

Yamaha has long been known for its innovation and intriguing watercraft so it’s really no surprise that several concept drawings were submitted for what appears to be a hydrofoil. This definitely piqued our interest. We like machines that are fun and go fast! This type of hydrofoil certainly ticks off those two boxes.

In October 2019, Yamaha Motor Co., LTD registered quite a few designs with the Japan Platform for Patent Information. Although, there’s no confirmation as to what the designs represent, one image portrays a person lying down and controlling what resembles a hydrofoil.

This is pretty much all that anyone knows, and it’s based purely on speculation and “leaked” documents. Just kidding, they’re public.

Maybe something will come of these designs and a similar concept will come to market. Personal hydrofoil things do exist, and Yamaha definitely has the capability and the teams to build out this design. It sure looks like a fun ride! We’d like to take one for a ride.

It you want to see the actual application that was submitted in January 2019, when the process began, check out this link. It’s the real deal and hopefully Yamaha will put this machine together for us!

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