SEABOB Set to Launch into Asia Pacific Region

SEABOB recently announced plans to launch in the Asia Pacific Region at the upcoming Singapore Yachting Festival. The high performance electric powered SEABOB meets the demand of the luxury yachting industry and high-end tourism. With the trend toward environmentally friendly watercraft powered by electric motors, the SEABOB perfectly captures this with its quiet motor and ability to go fast.

Here’s the original press release:
German High-Performance water sled SEABOB has the Asian debut in Singapore Yachting Festival 2023 SINGAPORE, April 19, 2023 — SEABOB, the world’s leading water sled manufactured in Germany is set to launch its representation in Asia Pacific Region during the forthcoming Singapore Yachting Festival 2023.

Operating out of Singapore, with Mr. Claus Gruner helming the new SEABOB-CAYAGO Representation in APAC, this initiative is the organic evolution of the company’s strategic planning and growth, fostered over the course of the last years. The markets for luxury yachting, high end hospitality and tourism are fascinating and potentially lucrative prospects.

The economies of countries in Asia Pacific continue to soar, more and more individuals are investing themselves in quality lifestyles. “We have a unique market position and more than 15 years of experiences in electric underwater propulsion with Li-Ion accumulators, and work since years with all major global yacht brands at corporate level, this definitely lays a solid foundation to further expand our business in the Asia Pacific Region” says Claus Gruner, Managing Director of CAYAGO Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, positive news is always read with regards to yacht chartering business in Asia Pacific. SEABOB, this powerful and innovative water toy has become a staple for charter yachts over the last decade, reaching impressive speeds of up to 22 km per hour, it offers a calm, cruising ride or a thrilling one with many safety features built in. Besides the yachting and boating markets, an important segment for SEABOB is the hospitality industry with rentals from hotels, clubs, resorts and beaches. “We have been experiencing and celebrating great success altogether with partners in the Mediterranean and the Americas.

The completely environmentally friendly SEABOB is the best fit for our partners to entertain customers with ultimate diving pleasures, pure freedom to play with the waves or experience underwater adventures. We are expecting to see more and more SEABOB-Jets happily enjoyed in Asian waters” adds Claus. With an existing dealer network in some Asian countries, CAYAGO Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd will start its business operations in April 2023 to further support and expand the partners network and customer service.

At the Singapore Yachting Festival, from April 27-30, CAYAGO Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd will be exhibiting its product range with extended color options including the new Black Line series at stand EB9-EB11. Due to modern, lightweight materials, SEABOB is equipped with an extremely efficient electric motor. Above and below water it scores highly with its amazing agility and impressive performance.

Demo and test rides are available on site to experience SEABOB’s enormous thrust to glide overwater and through the underwater world almost silently. Background Information / About Us CAYAGO AG – The SEABOB Company CAYAGO AG is a technology company based in Stuttgart, Germany. In Bad Salzuflen we build the fastest water sled in the world: the SEABOB.

This powerful watercraft’s propulsion is using modern electric motor technology, making it a high-performance and extremely environmentally friendly quality device. Our customers value the highest standards of technical innovation and excellent workmanship. From these requirements we have developed our individual corporate philosophy, in line with our brand motto: “High-Performance Technology, Made in Germany”.

CAYAGO Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd CAYAGO Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is the SEABOB representation based in Singapore. With warehouse and service located in Singapore, we work with the regional dealer network of selected partners in the industry for most key markets and focus on the fast-growing segment of hospitality industry with rentals from premium hotels, clubs, resorts and beaches as well as professional utility market – water rescue.

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