Teenager in Need of Kidney, Gets Trip of a Lifetime

We often take our health for granted. Whether it be doing simple things around the house to adventuring to new places, we sometimes forget how other people’s lives are a little more difficult. The saying, “Bad things happen to good people” is true as many good people are held back with health issues. While many of us are not doctors, there are ways to help those who are effected by health problems.

One person who has been effected by health issues is Cole Tumey. Tumey is a 18-year-old kid who is in need of some help. With his health condition, he has to travel to UF Health Shands Hospital three times a week for dialysis’s. Over time, this constant commute has made brought in multiple expenses along with all of the hospital bills.

While The Watercraft Journal is an online magazine, we have over 350,000 readers who help make this magazine better each day. We are asking all of you to help in whatever way you can to help out our friend Cole Tumey. Also, a huge shout out to anyone that did donate at the original fundraiser held at Cody’s Original Roadhouse. Over 300 people showed up and donated baskets, took part in the raffle and said kind words to Tumey.

As a result of the fundraiser, an all-expense paid trip to the Pro Watercross National Championship in Lake Charles, courtesy of Jim and Palmira Bennett was given to Tumey. Jim Bennett qualified for the Championships and thought that bring Tumey along with his parents would be a trip of a lifetime. Bennett also put up signs on his toy hauler saying that Tumey needs a kidney and a contact number. That is how Team Cole was formed.

Shortly after, multiple other companies such as BMS Racing, Broward Motorsports, Dean’s Team and many others joined in to given Tumey the ultimate experience. It’s amazing how so many companies in the same industry were able to come together so quickly and make the three day event, a trip of a lifetime for Tumey.

For more information about Team Cole, check out their Facebook page. If you are able to do so, please visit their GoFundMe page and donate whatever you can. Anything will help! If you know anyone with a Blood type B or O that would be interested in donating their kidney to Cole, text Yawn at (325) 598-9260 to receive a packet!

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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