Video: Is it a Plane? Is it a PWC? It’s The FlyNano

The FlyNano is a hybrid half jet ski and half seaplane. Click the link to see it in action. My first thought was, wow, this looks like a manned drone. Although, the craft is currently under development in Finland, the company is accepting non-binding letters of intent to buy for serious inquiries only. It will be available worldwide this year.

Weighing only 70kgs, the FlyNano can easily be carried by two people. The machine’s body is handcrafted and comprised of carbon composite. There’s only room for one in this hovercraft. It’s just the pilot and nothing else. No room for cargo, not even your dog! The FlyNano doesn’t require a pilot’s license, yet the company stresses the importance of aviation experience even though the operator is only hovering above the water.

The craft is 3.8 meters long, 1.3 meters high, with a wingspan of 4.8 meters. You can top out at 75mph. Get this, it’s fully electric so consider it a green machine. A full charge takes about an hour. Flight time has yet to be determined. Because of it’s lightweight body, it should only be used on flat water. As of this writing, the price tag is around $40,000. Visit the FlyNano website for contact information and other details.

Here is what Chief Test Pilot Pekka Kauppinen had to say about the FlyNano:
“Compared to regular general aviation aircraft, FlyNano may best be described as a go-cart compared to a regular car. Due to its small size and light weight the sensation of speed is remarkable. It is very unlike the feeling you get when flying common Cessnas and Pipers, although the absolute speeds are actually quite alike, the latter being even a bit faster, that is. When reviewing the experience, FlyNano is in fact more comparable to waterjets and quad bikes than regular airplanes or microlights.

Think about it! You get in, not from the pier, but from the water. A wet or dry suit to keep you warm is necessary. You strap yourself to the seat and wear a helmet to avoid spray and wind chill. No clearances, no run-ups, no checklists. The lake is open for takeoff. The fun starts immediately. It is ecstatic.

The flight is characterized by a high tempo and full concentration is required at all times. The open cockpit makes flying even more daring and flying is sure to be filled with adrenaline and euphoria. As skills develop and confidence builds up the excitement of novelty will naturally abate, but new challenges are right behind the corner keeping up the thrill. It is relatively easy to learn how to operate FlyNano safely, but mastery in all situations requires hours and hours of practice. With FlyNano full satisfaction is guaranteed.”

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