Video: What to do When It’s Time to Winterize your Sea-Doo Spark

If you plan to store your Sea-Doo throughout the winter season, a proper winterization will prolong the life of your watercraft. Utilizing an excellent tutorial provided by SeaDootv, we’ll take you through steps in order to properly prepare your machine for winter storage. Prep begins with having the required tools, cleaning products, fluids, and other items that we’ll delve into once that step is reached. The required hand tools are as follows: 10mm socket, 10mm wrench, E-8 torx socket, T-30 torx driver, 5/8″plug socket, fluid transfer pump, funnel, and a garden hose.

Now begin winterizing by cleaning and inspecting the jet pump system. Thoroughly spray down the intake and nozzle, removing any debris along the way. Coat all metal with anti-corrosive lubricant. When finished, add the proper amount of fuel stabilizer for a full tank of fuel and top off the tank with gas for storage.

Next, perform a complete oil change on your Spark using Sea-Doo’s XPS Oil Change Kit.. Drain the oil by sucking it out via oil transfer pump. Change the filter by removing the three bolts with the E-8 torx socket. When finished pop in a new filter and O ring from the XPS oil change kit. Tighten the torx bolts, refill with two quarts of fresh oil, and move on to flushing the exhaust. Begin by connecting the garden hose to the flush access, which is located port side of the rear of your Sea-Doo.

Crank the motor before turning on the water, otherwise the engine may flood. Once the water is turned on, immediately give the throttle a few pulls to push water through the system. When finished, turn off the water before turning off the motor. Disconnect the water hose and then use an air hose set at 55 psi to blow air into the exhaust to remove any excess water.

Now comes the tedious task of removing approximately 30 nuts and bolts before digging into the engine compartment. You’ll need the T-30 torx driver, 10mm wrench, and 10mm socket to remove the top of the ski.

Begin with removing the seat and port side panel. Now you get to remove all of those nuts and bolts. When finished, disconnect the steering and cable connections. Follow up with, disconnecting ignition coils and checking spark plugs. Spray each plug hole with XPS Anti-Corrosive Lubricant. Replace plugs and ignition coils and apply a heavy coat of XPS Anti-Corrosive lubricant.

Place the top of the ski back on the machine and properly secure it. Next, start the engine, let it run for a minute, and turn it off. Pull the battery and connect it to a Battery Tender and give it a full charge. Fully charge the battery once a month while your Sea-Doo is in storage.

Add the finishing touches by spraying the exterior of your Sea-Doo with XPS Hull Cleaner and UV Protectant. Finally, clean and dry your machine and it’s ready to tuck away until next season. Now you’re ready to be first on the water when spring returns!

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